a tale of one city

Alright, Day Two!

So on Monday I slept through my alarm and had to scramble to get ready for orientation. I ended up getting lost on the way there and wandered around campus a lot asking for directions, but I did eventually find the building, miraculously before the thing started. The orientation was actually extremely interesting and informative. They told us all about transportation (get an oystercard for the underground, you save so much, and you can use it for buses and the aboveground London train as well), buying food (Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Budgens, outdoor markets like Spitalfields), and general London tips (don’t get into a minicab unless you specifically ordered it, look out for pickpockets in tourist areas, dress warm and prepare for rain). There were a lot of charismatic presenters who talked about classes, and surprisingly the best one was done by the woman who runs the on-campus church. She had a hilarious powerpoint and was extremely open-minded and helpful and she hosts free movie nights, so I’m there.

After orientation Katrina and I met up and waited for another Brown transfer student, Jason, and we went separate ways for lunch but met back up again to take an afternoon trip to central London! 

Here’s me in front of the London Eye, which I will most definitely go on before I leave the city.

We saw Big Ben, Westminster, and then walked up to Buckingham Palace. Most things were closed by this point in the afternoon so we didn’t go inside anywhere, but I’m going to go back and see Westminster and Buckingham for sure. I’ll have to do it soon, because the Queen’s away right now so this is the only time of year you can actually go inside Buckingham. 

I’ll post a photoset of some of my pictures from the day (pictures, not photos, because I am not a photographer).

We got dinner at a cheap little place on a street behind Buckingham. I had a jacket potato, which is just a baked potato with stuff in it. Mine had cheese and bacon and was delicious. 

I spent the night in on Monday night, since no one was up to much and we had to wake up early Tuesday for module registration information. But it was nice. Anyone who knows me knows I’m basically a hermit anyway.

posted 2 years ago